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Welcome to the Website of the Carinthian Economic Promotion Fund (KWF).

The principal goals of our enterprise are the improvement in the innovation capability of small and medium sized enterprises, internal and external corporate development and promotion of high-tech projects and clusters.

The KWF is the only economic promotion institution of the Province of Carinthia. Its decisions are made independently and directive-free.

We support Carinthian enterprises, especially SMEs - small and medium-sized enterprises - in regard to their international competitiveness. When incentives are provided, special attention is given to companies which create qualified all-year jobs and contribute to the increase of exports.

An essential feature is to support companies in the implementation of innovations and making investments in developmental projects. The improvement of innovation capabilities of SMEs stands for new products, process innovations, optimizing organizational forms, etc. The provision of venture capital is a substantial factor for the development of an appropriate capital market for innovative SMEs.

In total, the KWFs activities serve to support internal and external corpoarate development.

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Neue Förderprogramme
seit 1. Juli 2014:

Qualifizierung (Aus-|Weiterbildung) Kleinst- und Kleinunternehmen (PDF, 220 kB)
Internationalisierung KMU (PDF, 215 kB)
Forschung, Entwicklung und Innovation (PDF, 236 kB)
Finanzierung technologieorientierte Unternehmen (PDF, 214 kB)
Unternehmens- und Projektentwicklung (PDF, 220 kB)

ab Ende Okober 2014:

• Investitionsprojekte Gewerbe, Industrie, Handel und Tourismus
(Programminformationen ab Ende Oktober 2014 verfügbar.
Antragstellung ohne Programminformationen schon jetzt fristwahrend möglich!)

Generell gilt: Antragstellung ausnahmslos vor! Projektbeginn

-> Zum KWF Förderungsantrag (XLS, 232 kB)
-> Weitere Informationen lesen (Blitzlicht 2.2014)
-> Rückfragen: T (+43-463) 55 800-0

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